Election Day

Election Day

September 22, 2014. I love elections! No matter who wins, I just feel extra happy on election day. This place - the polling place (that's it's actual name, 'Polling Place') is the core of our democracy. It's very low-tech. You are given a voting card ahead of time (or you can register on the spot by providing some proof of residence) to the people on the left, who give you a voting card. You take the voting card to the next table (stright ahead) and they take your card and give you a ballot (notice how the two-stage process makes the ballot anonymous?). You then take your ballot to a booth (you can see one of them at right) to make your ballot in private (we used to be given a pencil, but now we use a black marker - technology marches on). The ballot is then taken to the deposit box (also not seen) where it's scanned (for quick counting) and saved (in case a recount is needed). It's a reminded that the ballot is a physical token, and this token is necessary to provide tangible evidence of the actual count. Do away with the token, and you do away with democracy. P.S. this location is also where I have spin class when I'm hone, three times a week - all the bikes are stored behind the door under the basket - and obviously spin class was cancelled for today.

from Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/stephen_downes/15137678448/in/photostream/


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