Conjoined Twins

November 28, 2020. These may be more common that I expect, but it's the first pair of conjoined mushrooms I've seen (and I used to work as a mushroom picker). Today was a work day, despite it being Saturday, first to give a talk online, then to check every slide presentation on Slideshare to make sure I had it before deleting my account. This evening played Among Us for the first time with a group of students in Barcelona, and had quite the enjoyable time (I'll have to do that again).

Green and Brown

November 27, 2020. I'm not exactly sure what this plant is but I like the contrast of the green and brown colouring on the snow. I've been preparing presentations recently; this afternoon I recorded one that will be presented next week.

Back of the Kiosk

November 26, 2020. While waiting at the Costco I took a walk around the parking lot to stretch my legs. I found this, a very well tended back of the kiosk at the Costco gas station.

Being Online: Facing the Digital Future Together



November 25, 2020. This is what greeted me out the front window this morning. It continued for several hours. No matter - I spent the day indoors attending several meetings, worked my way though a bit of a dispute, and outlined my slides for a presentation I'm recording Friday (followed by another one Saturday).


November 24, 2020. This is what I had for breakfast today and have every day - oatmeal plus fruit and (not pictured) maple syrup. Spoon is on the left had side for lighting, not because I'm left handed (I'm not). I spent the better part of the day today writing a post on a UNESCO 'Futures of Education' document.

Cat Prints

November 23, 2020. We woke up to snow on the ground - and in our case, a single set of cat prints on the deck underneath the bird feeder (now full of seeds again now that the grackles have departed). I did some work on data literacy, continued to transform presentations, and did some background reading on quantum algorithms.