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You Pull For Me

An all YouTube set I put together for #ds109.

DJDownes 31Jan2011

- Via Rail Canadian
- The Mission, Ennio Morricone
- Lt Gen Romeo Dallaire
- Sorcerer: Betrayal, Tangerine Dream
- Canadian Army in Heavy Firefight in Afghanistan
- The Life is the Red Wagon, Presteign Heights School
- Something Hopeful, Jon Coleman
- Liberation! Immediate Music
- Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out, Jimmy Cox
- How To Be Alone, Andrea Dorfman and Tanya Davis
- Gabriel's Oboe, The Mission, Ennio Morricone

Music Radical

So here is the audio I created and posted in for ds106 - I'm not sure what the actual week 2 assignment was, exactly, but this will do for mine. Also, here is what I wrote as I explored the mechanics behind #ds106 radio. Great stuff.


The audio is from my talk in Saskatchwan in 2005. The background audio is from Jurassic Plark slowed 1000 times, and Kendra Springer, Hope.

Wii Hockey

Click to play After all those serious videos, I thought ds106 participants might want to relax with a hockey game. This is a game I played on the Wii last night. I am playing as a Colorado Avalanche player, Vaclav Pavlikowski, and we are visiting the Vancouver Canucks. It's being played at the highest difficulty setting, so the action is fast-paced and entertaining. And I think it fits the week 1 assignment for #ds106 (except, of course, for the 30 second time limit - this one runs 20 minutes (and took 3 hours to upload at 60K per second - way to go Rogers cable internet)). Enjoy.

Snow Day

Video: Click to play Here's the week 1 assignment for #ds106. You'll notice that I managed to keep to the 30 second time limit and still tell a nice story. Unlike some. :p I shot the video in one take on my old FlipCam, opened the .avi in Premiere Elements and trimmed the 45 second clip back to 30 seconds.

Halifax 2011

Halifax, originally uploaded by Stephen Downes. Enjoying a snow-free News Years Day in Halifax. Here's the full set.