Snow Day

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Here's the week 1 assignment for #ds106. You'll notice that I managed to keep to the 30 second time limit and still tell a nice story. Unlike some. :p I shot the video in one take on my old FlipCam, opened the .avi in Premiere Elements and trimmed the 45 second clip back to 30 seconds.


  1. holy crap, stephen! that's a lot of snow. I'll complain slightly less loudly about the amount of snow here in calgary. actually, no I won't, but I will remember in the back of my head that some places get a bit more :-)

    did Andrea make those fun shovel patterns on the driveway again?

  2. Good grief! If we had that much snow I'm sure this town would shut down for 2 weeks.

  3. With all that snow my country stopped for a month, LOL

  4. Wow...makes our 7 cm of snow that closed us for 2 days this week seem a bit wimpy. Oh well, we are in the southeast US.

  5. I'm assuming at some point you went outside and helped your wife.

  6. Stephen,
    This is Canadian snow---I'm not sure I have a point of reference for it. You might have placed a quarter somewhere so I could get some kind of scale. And why weren't you doing the heavy lifting? Too many EA Sports Hockey games to play :)

  7. hey there Stephen,
    I'm amazed Andrea waved rather than give you the finger. Then again, a man needs time to relax doesn't he and it probably did take an enormous amount of effort to hold the camera?
    Seriously, what a magic front yard you have. I'd swap the Aussie sunshine any day for snow.
    Susan O'Grady


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