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So here is the audio I created and posted in for ds106 - I'm not sure what the actual week 2 assignment was, exactly, but this will do for mine. Also, here is what I wrote as I explored the mechanics behind #ds106 radio. Great stuff.


The audio is from my talk in Saskatchwan in 2005. The background audio is from Jurassic Plark slowed 1000 times, and Kendra Springer, Hope.


  1. Music can add so much to most any experience. Dance, video, words, all can be cross pollinated with music to recreate an new thing of art or experience.

    I used to take video of high school students riding mountain bikes down big hills or over jumps. Adding some AC/DC behind the video made the hills steeper and the jumps bigger.

    All of this stuff mixing audio with strange sounds so reminds me of Kerouac reading with Steve Alan playing the piano.

    None of this is new, this mixing of media, but in this ds106 there seems to be a very cool resurgence of this form and it is really wonderful to see.

    Nice thoughtful words and beautiful sounds behind. Thanks!

  2. So you did the what is radical background music to your talk, heard this on #ds106 radio last night and thought maybe Scott Leslie or Brian lamb put it together. This was one of my favorite tracks of the night last night, and as Brian Lamb noted on twitter, it followed Leonard Cohen, which is such a nice juxtapostion.

    This also makes the case for a good assignment for ds106, give a presentation, paper, or other work you have done and put it to music. This being the example, the "is it radical?" refrain is perfect.

    What's more, after the last two days I am really convinced there is something to this whole radio thing. But so much more to experiment with before anyone starts suggesting this is radical :)

  3. Oh yeah. I love radio. You can do whatever you want while you're listening to the radio, from sleep to work to drive the car to read blogs. Listen to talk, listen to music, listen to everything in between. Television demands your focus; radio doesn't. And yet - when you focus, radio richly rewards you. If I had time, I'd have my own radio station, for sure.

  4. Remembering back to the days of that weirdness of Leonard Cohen's Beautiful Losers, I had to go find the copy I know I had on one of the bookcases. I found it and took a quick trip through the pages looking for a description of this radioplex of work going on here. Too many strange things, so I find this on back cover of Panther Press edition as review circa 1966. Description fits the ds106

    "Beautiful Losers
    a love story
    an orgy
    a prayer
    a black mass
    a shriek
    a satire
    a joke
    an hallucination
    a religio-sexual epic of incomparable beauty."

    What kind of class is this anyway?

  5. That's why I love radio too - I went out for a walk in the Sunday winter sun with my mobile tuned to #ds106. I left the doorway and your piece faded in. It set the pace for a wonderful walk - really enjoyed it - thanks for sharing.


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