Hong Kong

May 6, 2016. This was an extra-long day starting in the Malaysian time zone and ending in the Eastern time zone, resulting in a 36 hour length (23.5 of which were spent on airplanes and the rest traveling to or from airports or waiting at airports). It included a cramped Malaysian Airlines flight that landed hard enough to spill the contents of the toilets into the aisle, and an Air Canada flight that made an unscheduled 3-hour stop in Tokyo due to a strong smell of electrical-fire type smoke in the cabin. But there were bright sides - the crew of the Air Canada flight, for example, which responded calmly and professionally, and then worked overtime to get us back to Toronto, and two excellent seatmates who made 18.5 hours in an airplane much less trying than it had to be. Finished at home, after midnight, but all things considered this day could have ended in many other ways. From Flickr http://ift.tt/1O6Qnvy


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