Box Lounge

August 31, 2015. The last of the papers were signed at the lawyer's today and the purchase should go through. More soon. In the mean time, I took a trip down memory lane by going to Rideau Carleton Raceway to lose a few dollars on the ponies (via simulcast; they only race live Sunday and Thursday) and to eat a delicious meal in the box lounge. At least, that's what they called it when I worked there. I spent two summers working at the race track (back when they ran every day) earning enough money to pay for my trip to England and Scotland in 1976. I would not leave Canada and the U.S. again until 2001, and I haven't been to Scotland since. This Thursday, though, I will be flying to Glasgow. Things coming around full circle. From Flickr


  1. What are you doing in Glasgow?

  2. I'm keynoting at this conference:


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