Moncton Canada Day Weekend 2011

Moncton Canada Day 2011, originally uploaded by Stephen Downes.

Moncton house. I have been taking photos from around Moncton this Canada Day weekend. Today, working with a new 2X Teleplus, and with Photomatix, I was playing around to try to draw something more out of the images. I know some of these are over the top, but I'm experimenting. Here's the slidehsow of the set.

It's interesting that it took more time to work with these photos than it did to go out walking and to take them. I'm thinking, as I edit these, that I'm not just creating art, but I'm also telling a story. What story is that? Not just "I walked around the city today" but something more like "this is where I live, this is what's cool about being here, this is what I see." Straight photorealism isn't sufficient for that, because that's not what I see. I want people to see what I see, and that's why I try to pull the effect out of the picture. #ds106


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