Wii Hockey

After all those serious videos, I thought ds106 participants might want to relax with a hockey game. This is a game I played on the Wii last night. I am playing as a Colorado Avalanche player, Vaclav Pavlikowski, and we are visiting the Vancouver Canucks. It's being played at the highest difficulty setting, so the action is fast-paced and entertaining. And I think it fits the week 1 assignment for #ds106 (except, of course, for the 30 second time limit - this one runs 20 minutes (and took 3 hours to upload at 60K per second - way to go Rogers cable internet)). Enjoy.


  1. Nice work getting through both powerplays in the 3rd period. EA Sports NHL game has traditionally been one of my favorite, one of my first games for the SOny Playstation. It kind of annoyed me that they got rid of the fighting, that was one of my favorite parts of Blades of Steel. Thar said, watching you play that this made me really want to go out and get EA's most recent NHL game so I can do some of this.

    Brilliant idea for a sotry, and I love being a spectator of video sports games. My other favorite is EA's Madden Football. Gonna play some Jets myself this year :)

    Congrats on the win.


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