Celebration of Life

May 7, 2022. This is my Aunt Marilyn, whose life we celebrated today. She passed away in the middle of the winter after a long and interesting life, and since there's no rush to inter her urn, the early spring celebration allowed the entire family to get together, including some cousins I haven't seen for ages. One of my fondest memories is of visiting her when I was a child in (I guess) 1970 - we saw 'Oliver!' and 'Two Mules for Sister Sara', my first movies ever. I hadn't seen much of her in the years I lived out west and in the Maritimes, but since moving back to eastern Ontario five years ago I was able to get to know her again, which makes me happy. p.s. I'm not sure exactly when my family switched between having funerals and having celebrations of life, but we have and I think the celebrations are much better. https://flic.kr/p/2nj9J8Q


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