2,000 Kilometers

October 28, 2014. Traveling today. I had a 12 hour layover in Toronto, which is crazy. But what I did is I went down to Gears, a bike shop in Port Credit, rented a nice road bike, and set out down Lakeshore Road for Burlington. It was 77 kilometers there and back (I actuallt went half way across the Hamilton Harbour causeway. But more significantly, it was on this ride that I accomplished by 2014 goal of cycling 2,000 kilometers. This is a hard goal, for many reasons - hard enough that I will not be increasingit next year. But for now, I'm in a lounge in Pearson, waiting for my flight, and reflecting on the glory that is mine. Oh yeah - the photo is Lake Ontario - you can see Toronto in the distant background.

from Flickr http://ift.tt/1wAnQSz


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