Spirit of Australia

November 10, 2016. This beautiful A-380 was taxiing for take-off at London's Heathrow as I waiting on my own 767 to fly to Ottawa. The connection at Heathrow was an adventure, as usual - my 7:30 a.m. flight out of Beirut was a half hour late, which collapsed by 1:15 window by a similar margin. Yes, I made the run from terminal 2 to Terminal 3 (Part B, beyond the tunnel) in 35 minutes. What I really disliked were the people at the gate acting as though my late arrival were my fault. This is Heathrow, where the bus from one terminal to another is followed by a 500 meter walk to get to security. Why not just add 5 more minutes to the bus trip? Heathrow is full of oddities like this.


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