Look What They've Done To My Mag Ma

November 12, 2014. I won this last summer during the Highland Games. MAGMA stands for the Multicultural Association of the Greater Moncton Area and they gave me this and other prizes for naming each of something like a hundred flags they had on display (they were giving one prize for each correct answer but had to improvise with me). It has been my go-to water bottle since and has accompanied me through hundreds of kilometers of bike rides. When not cycling it sits in the front seat console of my car as I take it in for spin class. That's where it was when I took the car in for cleaning yesterday. I thought I'd find it in the trunk with everything else, but no - I eventually found it in the glove compartment. Whatever they do to clean the car, it involves something very hot - so hot that my MAGMA water bottle, made of thick durable plastic, now has a permanent tilt. I think it leaks around the lid, too. So I need a new water bottle. Meanwhile I'm going to take this one back to Honda and present it to them as a trophy.

from Flickr http://ift.tt/1GQFlUA


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