The Panel

August 2, 2016. This is a panel from the Camnous Technology conference in Boston, which I watched while preparing for my keynote on Wednesday. Notes from the panel: Jamie Casap - Chief Education Evangilist, Google Transformation in education - typical white model - driving kids to 4-year school - Latinos beginning to dominate enrolments in K12 - "staying jhere & taking care of your brothers and sisters" - Computer science grads - schools not so much - boot camp phenomenon - "Why do we let them go at all?" - why do we let them go to college, as opposed to learning right here Michael Horn - Entangled Solutions Three trends (drivers) - growth of online learning - campuses blended learning strategies - rise of competency-based learning - pace of technology changing - eg. VR / Oculus, Cardboard John Katzman, CEO Noodle Partners - progression to college grads - no evidence college going away any time soon - but seeing beginning of consolidation of the higher ed space - key element is cost - airlines - price segmentation - colleges as well - airlines advertise least expensive, colleges advertise most expensive - counselling and instructional support - most rapidly rising cost, even more thaan faculty - wild card: marketing From Flickr


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