Bouctouche Sandbar

Boutouche 2011, originally uploaded by Stephen Downes.

It was a nice day today so we went out to the beach. This time, we went up to the Irving Nature Conservatory at the Bouctouche Sandbar. Miles of beautiful beach, without all the crowding. Sadly, the wind kicked up so it was hard to take photos. But I got a few worth keeping.

I had processed the photos into deep hues, but I didn't like the effect and it didn't look right. Going to the beach feels like a 1970s thing, so I pulled back the colour. The scene is of what's left of the shoreline marsh walkway after last winter's storms. It reminded me (as everything seems to these days) how temporary it all is. Like this is a moment in time that we can capture in faded 70s photos and when the oceans are barren and the wind hot and acid we'll wonder what we all did wrong, when in fact we know now, but do it anyway.

But it was a nice day on the beach, it was quiet, I listened to the ball game, and it was all good. Here's the rest of the photos. #ds106


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