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Big Snow

Big Snow, originally uploaded by Stephen Downes. This year's huge snowfall has resulted in some spectacular imagery. This is beside the parking lot where I work on Crowley Farm Road in Moncton. More from the Big Snow set.

Lawrence of Arabia

Some movie art for #ds106
Sources: this camel pic and this desert photo, combined and manipulated with PaintShop Pro.

Arcade Fire Concert

Arcade Fire doesn't have a live album, but it does have all these great concert videos scattered all over the internet, so I combined a bunch of the best of them to create my own Arcade Fire concert experience.

DJ Downes Arcade Fire

Ready to Start
Neighborhood #2 (Laika)
No Cars Go
Empty Room
The Suburbs
The Suburbs (Continued)
We Used to Wait
Power Out / Rebellion
Month of May
Keep the Car Running
Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)
Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)
Wake Up (Unstaged)

Some of the transitions near the beginning are a bit rocky but by the end I had it figured out. So, more grist for the #ds106 mill.


Just correcting the image that was posted by Jenn for #ds106...

Year of the...

This has been in my head all day and I have to create it in order to get rid of it. I think I've gone entirely free-form in my submission of assignments to #ds106 ...