Osgoode Trail

September 1, 2015. Spent the day in the hotel room today getting caught up on office work, but at 4:30 on the dot I was on my bicycle down a really nice trail from the Airport Hilton to Osgoode, a small town 25 km to the south. Back a million years ago I once bicycled to Osgoode - this was when I was in high school in Metcalfe and I had a sometime girlfriend in Osgoode - I cycled there to see if I could run into her there, but I was too shy to tell her I was actually doing this (and I wasn't sure I could, it was a whole ten miles). Anyhow, I never saw her and so I cycled there and back to no purpose. This time I had a better reward - poutine. From Flickr http://ift.tt/1O6FGoc


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