July 2, 2014. One the shelf in the living room, mementos. From left to right: the gavel from my days as GSA President 1989-91, a sand dollar from my first trip with Andrea to San Francisco (we celebrated the millenium at the Embarcadero), blocks of wood from a trade show, a troll of Andrea's, the Star Trek wedding day figurines we were given when we were married, 1998, a tiny Empire Statye Building from my first visit to New York, 2001, a King Kong from my Hallowe'en costume (I was dressed as the Empire State Building), 1983, and Syabona water bottles from my trip to Kruger National Park in South Africa, 2006. As time goes by and I accumulate these experiences, I amass a set of brilliant brilliant memories, and for now, at least, I remember everything, like it was yesterday.

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