Fish Flying Through the Air, Free

I've always wanted to tell this story (if you're only interested in ed tech move on). I remember catching my first fish like it was yesterday. It was on the Castor River at the Ninth Line Road, here (there was no McMansion there at the time). It was a big mudpout. I ran some line through its gills and attached it to a stake so it would stay alive. My parents came driving by and I proudly showed them the fish. After they left, I played with the fish, spinning it in circles around me, and the line broke. The fish went flying through the air, skipped a couple times on the water, and disappeared under the surface, never to be seen again. It was ironic watching this video watching this boy call his first-caught fish "Free."


  1. I enjoyed reading that and that video was so cute and funny! I was never into fishing being a girl and never caught a fish.


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