Thursday, March 5, 2015

Ritz Carlton

March 5, 2015. Last day in Riyadh and last day of the conference. I gave my paper today to a satisfying audience (some of the audiences have been tiny) and though I felt it was a bit choppy I received nice feedback. This afternoon I took a walk around the grounds for some photos, including this one, of the hotel. Nice place. Like staying in a king's palace. From Flickr

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Arabian Food

March 4, 2015. Interesting lighting effect in this restaurant where we ate Arabian Food - this is actually a full colour photo. One more dayy in Riyadh - I give my talk tomorrow - and then it's time to head home. We did a panel today; there were 15 people in the audience. It's like the soccer games from Dubai I watch, you can see basically an empty stand and a cluster of about 20 people watching the game. I'd hate to think of what the season ticket prices are. At any rate, our talks - like those soccer games - are televised across the country. So I don't feel so bad. From Flickr

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


March 3, 2015. Still in Riyadh, at an evening celebration at the conference. Here I am in negotiations to get my luggage back. From Flickr

Monday, March 2, 2015

Qaṣr al-Maṣmak

March 2, 2015. First full day in Riyadh. I went down to Qaṣr al-Maṣmak, the old fort in the centre of Riyadh, and wandered around the souks and buildings nearby. This isn't the fort; this is a mosque behind some of the reconstruction which takes up a large part of the site nearby. Luggage still has not arrived. From Flickr

Ritz Carlton

March 1, 2014. I arrived in Riyadh without my luggage. On the bright side, I'm staying at the Ritz Carlton, pictured, so I'll be well taken care of. But for now, sleep. From Flickr


February 28, 2015. Four hour layover in Pearson en route to Riyadh, where I finished off a 2,000 word paper for the conference (as per usual, I write papers at a consistent rate of 250 words every 15 minutes). This is the view from the lounge at Terminal 3, which I rarely see, and I get to see unusual airlines, like Canjet. From Flickr

Friday, February 27, 2015

Last Light

February 27, 2015. Last light as I head out of the office after a long and productive day. Tonight: getting ready to travel. From Flickr