Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Fens

April 26, 2015. Took an 11 km hike through the woods near Banff (rolled my ankle around the 4 km mark so it was a bit painful in the end). Beautiful country, a bit cool and windy, but almosst perfect. From Flickr


April 25, 2015. Cold and rain/snow today in Banff so I took a drive up the Ixcefields Parkway and collected a couple dozen postcard photos. Enjoy. From Flickr

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Mark Surman

April 24, 2015. Anotjher full day of conferencing (this has been a very good conference). This is Firefox CEO Mark Surman giving his keynote address (sumary here). From Flickr

Gilbert Paquette

April 23, 2015. Another full day in the conference. This is Gilbert Paquette describing work he has been doing on the semantic representation of learning resources. From Flickr

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Rundle Mountain

Rundle Mountain
April 21, 2015. Did some work this morning, then rented a bicylcle and puttered around Banff on a beautiful April afternoon. This canoe is on the Vermillion Lakes just off the Bow trail. From Flickr

The Mountains

The Mountains
April 20, 2015. Spent the day flying to Calgary and the evening driving to Banff. I took the highway through Cochrane for the view, and was rewarded with this sunset over the mountains. From


April 22, 2015. Conference day all day today, indoors at Banff Park Lodge, where all visiotors are greeted by this bear. From Flickr