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The Road Home

October 19, 2018. This is a cemetery on the side of a rolling hill in Keene, a small town about 8 km off highway 7, which is the route I took from Toronto back home. It took me 8 hours, but it was better than driving on the 401.


October 18, 2018. Another early morning preparing slides, then I gave the second of my talk today. I spent some time getting all the audio and video uploaded, went to the losing reception, then went for a walk around the city taking photos - the polarized lens really brings out the night shots. Finally a couple beer at the Rex to celebrate a week well done.


October 17, 2018. The view outside my hotel window. Spent the morning preparing my talk, then I attended a session and after gave my talk, then dashed back to the hotel room to interview George Siemens, then made it an early night.

The Gardiner

October 16, 2018. This is a view of the underside of the Gardiner Expressway at Yonge Street. This was Day One of the conference, and I attended some sessions, but I also had to go to OCADU to retrieve my lost lens cap (though on the bright side I got a great polarized filter for cheap in the interim). Mostly, though, I was focused on making slides and preparing my talk.


October 15, 2018. Another day locked in my hotel room (Travelodge by Wyndham Toronto East, in Scarborough), working. This was the view from my window, but the window was so dirty I went downstairs to get a decent photo. I also transferred hotels today, moving to the Westin Harbour Castle midday. Other than that, I didn't see daylight. But I got my report done.


October 15, 2018. I spent the day locked in my hotel room working on my report. In the evening I drove up Markham Road to Markham Village and explored the area (I had seen it on the drive in and was intrigued). This is a storefront art studio where people can come, learn to paint, and paint with other people.


October 13, 2018. The beginning of a very busy week in Toronto. Drove from my hotel in Scarborough to Lawrence Station, then took the subway downtown to help the OCADU-IDRC celebrate its anniversary. Sadly it was not in this OCADU building (so I still haven't been in it) but just a few doors down.

E-Learning 3.0

Personal Learning vs Personalized Learning: What Needs to Happen


In Conversation With George Siemens


October 12, 2018. I missed my turn and had to take a back road, which is where all the best photos are. This is just a bit north of Bexley, Ontario. I started the day with a three-hour session on blockchain, then spent the rest of the day taking the scenic route to Toronto through Bancroft and Beaverton.


October 11, 2018. I had a late evening and darkness was falling through the fog on the drive home, but I still managed to take a side road and capture the essence. Fog was also a good metaphor for the day, a day that did not go even remotely as planned, with technical glitches and disappointing results. I'm still really liking the work I'm doing, though, so I'm forging on.


October 10, 2018. It was a brilliant beautiful day today, feeling more like summer than mid-Autumn. These were the trees in our back yard. I started the day was an early meeting, then went to the dentist to get a crown, then ran some urgent errands, then continued work on the activity centre. Time's running out, and this is not how I planned to spend the day today.

Fading in Fall

October 9, 2018. It was misty and rainy this morning and I liked the way these former flowers looked framed by the downstairs bathroom window. Worked flat out on my upcoming course today, finishing up the website and building the activity centre.

Elearning 3.0 - Introduction




October 8, 2018. I spent the entire day - a holiday! - working on my E-Learning 3.0 course. Here it is , still a work in progress. We also brought in the geraniums this weekend. This one in particular is inside for its second winter. It had a rough summer - one of the windstorms lifted it up and ripped it out of its flowerpot. We never did find the flower pot, and we just planted this in the earth. Now it has a new pot and a new lease on life.

Waving Back At You

October 7, 2018. This is my Aunt Marilyn waving back at herself. I spent the day - Sunday! - working on my course, finishing off the synopsis and then messing around with the beautiful design for the pages - keeping it simple but elegant. In the evening the family celebrated Thanksgiving at the local Boston Pizza's party room, which really was a great place. Props to the waitress who did a wonderful job. Here's the full set of photos.


October 6, 2018. Today I spent all day - a Saturday! - writing for my upcoming course. I got the bulk of the synopsis text done (this will also be the basis for future work). Now it's taking shape! The year of research is coming together. This is well-deserved water at my bedside in the evening.

The View From My Office

October 5, 2018. This is the view from my office. I spent the day putting together my slides for an upcoming talk in November. It's unusual for me to do slides so far ahead of time, but this means I won't need to do them when things get really busy.

The Angry Dawn

October 4, 2018. This was the sky that greeted me first thing this morning. The rest of the day was quite the opposite, a fairly relaxed day doing housekeeping office work and getting caught up after my trip.

Sparrow in the Weeds

October 3, 2018. Spotted this sparrow at the Streetsville GO station on my way home. Went to downtown Toronto for a meeting, then on the train straight to Casselman.


October 2, 2018. I gave my talk in the morning, took a nap, returned for the rest of the conference after lunch, then went for a walk in Streetsville an old former village now completely surrounded by the city. Cool interesting area and I'm glad to have discovered it.

Streets of Mississuga

October 1, 2018. Conference day, spent indoors, mostly (though I did scoot out toward those buildings to pick up a cheap webcam). Wrote an article, prepared my slides, got everything ready for the talk tomorrow.

Continuing Professional Development: Looking at Old Problems in New Ways

The Semantic Condition