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2013 02 21 - Philadelphia, PA

2013 02 21 - Philadelphia, PA, a set on Flickr. Photos mostly from my day wandering the city February 23, 2013

Philadelphia City Hall

Philadelphia City Hall, originally uploaded by Stephen Downes.
February 23, 2013. Looking north up Broad Street at Philadelphia City Hall.

2013 02 18 - Leirvik, Norway

2013 02 18 - Leirvik, Norway, a set on Flickr. Photos from a brief walk through the small town of Leirvik, on the island of Stord, in Norway. Beautiful place, awful weather (photos were taken in a steady rain).

2013 02 16 - Flam-Myrdal, Norway

2013 02 16 - Flam-Myrdal, Norway, a set on Flickr. These are my photos from the 'Norway in a Nutshell' tour I took yesterday - you travel by train and bus to Gundvangen, at the head of a narrow Fjord, then a two-hour ferry ride to Flam, the base of the famous railroad. It climbs 866 meters to Myrdal (which in winter is completely closed and empty, but beautiful). It's a two-hour train ride back to Bergen.