Moncton Highland Games

Play some bagpipes while you watch the slide show:
Youghal Pipe Band (source)

Two years ago the Moncton Highland Games took place in Victoria Park, just a couple of blocks from home, and I took some photos of the event. I was really pleased to be asked by the organizers to take more photos, and so this year Andrea and I went out to the games' new location at the Bernice MacNaughton High School field, which turns out to be a really nice venue for the games. We arrived in the morning, made a couple of circuits around, got rained on, broke my glasses, went to repair my glasses, got back and was there for the event wrap-up. A really nice day even if the weather was very, um, Scottish. Anyhow, I do recommend playing the slide show in full-screen mode. And here's the photo set.


  1. But... Forget the audio.... this need music!

  2. Quite right T... that has now been fixed. :)


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